Style by Ryan Salvador

Ready to take your wardrobe to the next level?

SALVADOR STYLE is ready to provide a unique styling experience for men and women, tailored to your personal style and needs, but informed by the taste and expertise of Ryan Salvador, one of Montreal’s most sought-after fashion stylists.

With years of experience in and study of the fashion industry, Ryan’s styling choices are bold and exact, inspired by a variety of aesthetics including California skater style and Paris high fashion.

Whether you need a fashion consultant and personal shopper to help style you for a black-tie or red-carpet event, or are looking to overhaul your entire wardrobe, he is ready to work with you and your personal taste to create outfits that will refine both your look and your confidence.

The SALVADOR STYLE aesthetic

Ryan Salvador has been passionate about fashion since he was young, and his expertise as a fashion consultant is drawn from years of study and experience in the industry. He took his first retail job at age 17 in the luxury sector, and began to travel to the world’s fashion capitals and to study designers, taking in inspiration from a young age. He went on to formally study fashion, graduating from LaSalle College with a degree in fashion marketing.

Ryan’s style doesn’t fit in one box, and he doesn’t think yours needs to, either. Renowned for bringing together runway fashion and street style, Ryan’s personal style takes inspiration from the relaxed skater fashion of California, and the chic high fashion of Paris. (Check out some samples of Ryan’s services as a professional stylist in his portfolio.)

With an acute eye for details and a mastery of design, combined with an openness to working with clients’ existing wardrobes, lifestyles, and personal tastes, SALVADOR STYLE’s personal styling services are grounded in a strong aesthetic, but open to any client who wishes to look his or her best.

Grounded in years of expertise and study, Ryan launched SALVADOR STYLE in 2018. His primary clients are men and women with lifestyles that require them to look their best every day, as well as clients preparing their wardrobe for big events. 


Maybe you have a strong personal style but a demanding job, and don’t have the time to shop for yourself and meet your high standards for your own wardrobe. Perhaps you are developing a sense of style, but could use the help of a style consultant to further refine it. Maybe you have a black-tie event to attend and want assistance finding that perfect occasion outfit.

No matter who you are, what your personal taste or lifestyle, or what your wardrobe needs are, Ryan would love to work with you to help you dress intentionally and impeccably.

If you are interested in booking Ryan as your personal stylist, or have questions, contact him at or 514-588-7832.